Mr Wrong Book Tour is Here!

The Mr Wrong Book Tour is here!


Come and join host Lillian Ogbogoh and author Danni Blechner in a lively debate on Love and Relationships and listen to real life relationship stories from men and women.

“I wrote this book not to preach, teach or tell women how to “date” but to unite us through our stories, inspire us to let go of baggage and empower us by breaking free from negative belief systems and discovering our True Selves.”- a note from the author

This is event is in support of Women’s Aid providing safety for women and children survivors of domestic abuse.

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12th Feb, 6pm-7.30pm HOUNSLOW LIBRARY

13TH Feb 7pm-9pm BRIXTON LIBRARY £3 (FREE glass of wine on entry. DJ James Wilkins spinning tunes.

14th Feb 12pm- 2pm WATERSTONES CROYDON 

More on Mr Wrong..

MR WRONG COVER 650Do you ever feel that you will never meet the right man? Do your relationships suddenly come to an end leaving you in a wake of dust wondering what just happened or what you could have possibly done to deserve such a swift exit? Do you attract the same type of man repeating the same negative patterns and situations that leave you  thinking, “Here We Go Again?” or “I’ve been here before?” Are you dating men who love you and leave you leaving you emotionally wounded and insecure, wondering why you didn’t cut the mustard? Well, ladies, I have news for you. You do! You are simply dating the wrong man.

My name is Daniella Blechner and I am the author of a book called Mr Wrongwritten after a decade of bad luck with the opposite sex. I no longer make a secret of it and claim it to empower others. Faced with a string of dating disasters, I had no choice but to look within. On my quest to find out what Love really is, I realised that our inner world reflects our outer world and we must Love ourselves before we can truly Love another. I went on a quest to interview women and men around the world and documented their relationship stories.

Mr Wrong is a collection of both humorous and poignant stories written by women who have encountered and overcome the infamous ‘Mr Wrong,’ stories that celebrate men who are getting it right as well as stories from men themselves. From Ex-Mr Wrongs to Men struggling to survive in their “Knight in Shining Armour role” the book reveals men’s innermost secrets, thoughts and feelings on relationships and women. What role do women play in creating so called Mr Wrongs? Mr Wrong allows the reader to question, examine and challenge negative belief systems that block us from having successful relationships with others as well as ourselves. Through interactive exercises, meditations and questionnaires this book is designed to allow the reader to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Extraordinary Woman- Featuring Ava Brown

Ava Brown

Ava Brown

Ava –Gaye Sandra- Lee Brown MBA, BBA, Dip. Ed.

Ava Brown is the author of the book “Bamboo & Fern” her recently published biography. She is a woman of many talents and is a Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Global Business Development Manager. She received her 2nd MBA from The University of Wales and her 1st from Newport University California. Ava also has a Bachelor in Business Administration and a Diploma in Secondary Education from the University of the West Indies Mona, Jamaica.

Over the years Ava has worked in a wide variety of professional capacities namely: education, finance, maritime, telecoms and business development before deciding to embark on her own business. She currently works as a coach, mentor, and motivational speaker as well as helping businesses develop and grow. In addition to her multiple work activities, Ava is a regular contributor to the education magazine Be Magazine published in West Africa and The Children Hope Newspaper on topics such as “Hope for this Generation“, “Location and Education” to name a few. She is actively involved in assisting African students in accessing tertiary education in the UK, via distance learning. She is now in the process of collaborating with friends to publish the anticipated recipe book with her favourite treats.

Reading and writing and of course music given her strong Jamaican background. Ava is an extremely motivated and driven individual who now resides in London with her daughter Chardonae Elizabeth and son Mikhel Kai.
She lives by the motto that “sometimes life will throw you down however; you must find the will power to pull yourself up above your circumstances.” She believes that everything is about correct timing and tapping into the Universe for that which you need. Opportunities will knock, but we have to be able to recognize them and take full advantage.
Bamboo and Fern Ava BrownBamboo and Fern documents Ava’s life growing up in Jamaica. From mango seller to gaining an MBA, Ava Brown turned her life around, overcame adversity and poverty. Her story starts in a poor rural area, where the need to find food often won out over school attendance and follows her journey through her adolescent years, which were encased in the dark shadows of incest and sexual abuse, to her young adult years when the event of being held at gunpoint finally led her to flee her home country in order to save her sanity. Yet, her resilience and love for her native country allowed her to see all of her harsh and disappointing experiences as stepping stones to becoming a strong and self-reliant woman, one who is capable of helping our society to break the cycle of poverty and its effects.

Bamboo and Fern can be purchased through WHSMITH and Amazon or better still, you can get a SIGNED COPY via her website.

She can be contacted at or

You are such a motivated and determined woman. What keeps you motivated?

I am motivated by not wanting my kids to have the life and legacy I was left with as a child and even as an adult. Seeing people overcome obstacles and pick themselves up spur me on and gives me great joy.

As a coach, what would you advise women who are stuck in a rut with the men they choose or the relationships they are in?

As someone who knows how this feels I would say if it isn’t working don’t keep trying to make it work; life is far too precious and valuable to be wasted. Love is meant to be something blissful for the most part. If he causes you hassle, get out. I have recently coached women as to how to get out of a rut in my latest webinar Get Out of the Rut, which provides some simple proven set of strategies that can change your life and break the overwhelming feeling of non-progress- uselessness and non-achievement in your life. You can download the CD here for free at Get Out of The Rut.


Why do you think some women continually choose Mr Wrong?

I think its loneliness, societal pressure that at a certain age you must be hitched, financial reasons e.g. expensive cities like London and low self-esteem. These in my view are some of the reasons- though not exhausted as I am sure there are many other reasons for choosing Mr Wrong. I am hoping to have Mr Wright (Right) find me one day soon.

Your book Bamboo and Fern is incredibly inspirational, what inspired you to write it?

I didn’t set out to write a book at all. I grew up in Jamaica where kids were seen and not heard and I had so much I wanted to say. I was a chatterbox essentially, yet, I would not dare utter some of it, so I started keeping a diary and as I got older it almost sort of became my best friend, it didn’t share my secrets, thoughts or feelings with anyone. It was safe.

By the time I found myself pregnant with my daughter the diary was used more and had now become a permanent part of my life. In 2002 when I moved to the UK and with some amount of trauma, I wanted to share some of my experiences. I felt I had something to say, it wasn’t now just about a cathartic outlet anymore. I felt many other women could resonate with aspects of my story and so I took my diary more seriously. That’s how I ended up with the book Bamboo & Fern out of my life experiences really.

Without giving too much away in the book, what is the most challenging obstacle you’ve had to overcome and how did you overcome it?

My most challenging obstacle was perhaps dealing with being held up at gunpoint in Jamaica. I migrated essentially as a coping mechanism and the sought help in the UK in the form of therapy, calling the gunman and having that dreaded conversation.
What do you feel are your biggest achievements?

Since the launch of my book, I have had a few, from being featured on Jamaicans most watched and prestigious TV show Profile to being featured in the Financial Times however, I have three great achievements that truly mean the world to me namely: being a mom, graduating with an MBA (considering my background), but also finishing my book and actually seeing it in people’s hands, on the shelves and thankfully the reviews; it’s priceless. From the list, being mom and my book are my proudest achievements. My kids mean everything to me. They are the reason I work so hard. I want them to have a better life than I had.

What’s in your handbag?

I carry large handbags always, except on the occasions when I need an evening bag. As a mother there is always, wipes, my diary, my tablet, my book of course, sunshades, business cards and pencil case. There will be mints and my purse always has a cheque I have written to myself for £600,000 that I hope to cash in one day soon.  Something I’ve practiced ever since I read The Secret.
What would you advise other budding authors just starting out who say they’ll “like to write a book but…?”

Start writing, get your ideas on paper regardless of how silly you may think it sounds, there is a story in all of us and you are the best person to tell it. There is an audience waiting to hear from you, but if it’s not written how will they hear your voice and understand your message?

If you could go back and give your five year old self a pep talk or give her some advice what would you say?

Don’t be deflated if no one believes in your dream, the only supporter you need is you and don’t be afraid of criticism and rejection, just keep going and the right links will be made at the correct time to believe, support and elevate you.
Finally, what’s next for Ava Brown and her projects?

Gosh there is so much from Part 2 of my bio Indomitable which is out in Q3 2015, to my Coaching & Mentoring Programmes, Motivational Speaking and Collaborative work with other great people in my field. I also have plans to get partners in on my dream to open a Safe home in Jamaica for kids who suffered abuse like I did , but had no place to run to.

You can contact Ava at:

Twitter: @avabrown24


Extraordinary Woman- featuring Amanda Epe

Amanda Epe

amanda epe

Amanda Epe, author of Fly Girl

Amanda is the author of travel memoir A Fly Girl that was flying in the Best Seller list since its release date in November. As a writer, she has also contributed to several anthologies and press reports. Amanda is a blogger and lead for Ms Rose Blossom, a project that encourages girls and women in promoting health/well-being and literature. She is also employed as a Health Trainer in the NHS.

Amanda is also a much valued contributor and author of her story I’m Guilty on Three Counts in Mr Wrong and has contributed her poems How Do I Love Thee? and How Do I Love Thee Like a Rose? in poetry anthology 7 Shades of Love where she talks eloquently on Self Love and valuing herself as a woman. This too, is evident in her contributions such as Brighter Days for African Beauty in Nicole Moore’s anthologies Brown Eyes and Hair Power-Skin Revolution focusing on identity and race.

Amanda’s Fly Girl, is a witty, adventurous and candid account of her experiences as an air stewardess. From rising above racism, to breaking the mould, to witnessing the stark contrasts of wealth, poverty, racism and acceptance, she takes us on an unforgettable journey.

Fly Girl

A Fly Girl, Amanda Epe

A Fly Girl can be purchased via Amazon  and Waterstones

For a SIGNED copy contact Amanda


How does your work with Ms Rose Blossom impact young women?

Ms Rose Blossom’s work is duo-dimensional. The work impacts the lives of young women from being influential in building self-esteem to talking about sexual health taboo topics; all via creative communications in creative writing and workshops and speaking at events.

What inspired you to set up Ms Rose Blossom?

A number of life experiences have contributed to the innovation of Ms Rose Blossom. Firstly, my service in schools and colleges when I was employed to mentor and teach students with Special Needs as well as ‘mainstream’ pupils, then my work in programme development for economic empowerment of marginalised women. I realised that there are a group of women that were marginalised and needed to be targeted and coached and given extra support in areas such as self-esteem, self-image and sexual health


FGM practices are still going on and many young girls are being taken abroad to have this procedure done. Can you explain what FGM is and what is being done to educate these girls and their families about their rights/this harmful practise?

FGM stands for Female Genital Mutilation involving the cutting of the clitoris and other genital parts. This is practised on both babies and young women for non medical purposes and mainly to chastise women. There are a number of charities and individuals working as activists, educators and psychotherapists who work with affected communities and also inform the general public for safeguarding purposes, such organisations include 28 Too Many, Integrate Bristol, Daughters of Eve, and key speakers like Alimatu Dimonekene and Hilary Burrage who have fought for years to safeguard girls in education authorities. Ms Rose Blossom contributes to FGM awareness by talking to individuals from affected communities, being a point of call and signposting through the blog and also speaking at community events.

Having been a contributor in Mr Wrong what would you advise women who constantly attracted and accepted men who were emotionally unavailable?

Women need to step back and take a look at their relationship as if an outsider is viewing them. When we keep repeating the same mistake obviously we are not learning and then we start blaming. If I were to advise, I can draw from my own experiences and study my self-worth to see where I am guilty in failed relationships.

What inspired you to write and contribute the story Guilty on 3 Counts?

It was the first time I had written and shared anything on the nature of love and relationships. I was inspired to write on this topic because it would also be a learning curve for me. As a memoirist I have learnt a lot from reflective writing, and it was quite essential to share as other woman may relate and learn from my story too.

Did you learn anything about yourself during the Mr Wrong process?

It was when I wrote that story that I understood a lot of my psychological traits and looked at my patterns. I gained further insight when the book was published and I was in the category of emotionally unavailable and looking deeper, I found that quite accurate and a hard hitting wake up call.

You have recently published your own book called Fly Girl which is very exciting; can you tell us what inspired you to write the book?

The love of writing and creativity was the initial inspiration to join the travel industry. Whilst the inspiration for the book came from a number of factors, I became confident in sharing my writing as a contributor to Nicole Moore’s Shangwe anthologies, Brown Eyes and Hair Power- Skin Revolution. Later, I was inspired by other writer’s progress including Daniella’s Mr Wrong book, and as a reader and writer of true stories I knew that it was time to write mine.

What was your biggest challenge as an air stewardess?

I learnt a lot from my writing my book. At the time my biggest challenge would have been being different, but now I am clear that being different is a grand thing; standing out or not fitting in is unique. So my biggest challenge was my mindset. With a positive mind all challenges are minimised.

What was your most memorable event?

After writing the book, I am now grateful for many magic moments in my memory; to be safe after the fear of being lost in LA, and fun in the USA, but most memorable was being part of a national rescue squad. In 1998 I was part of a cabin crew rescue squad rescuing civilians who were affected by the riots in Jakarta. For more info buy A Fly Girl!

What’s next for Amanda Epe?

I am pleased to be invited by UN Women to start the New Year speaking at an Inspirational Women event at The House of Parliament. In 2015, I share my story with 29 awesome co-authors in a forthcoming book called Born for This where we share our journeys of failure to success in the areas of life, love and business. I will also be playing a key part in The Mr Wrong Book Tour where I will be sharing my story, performing my poems and speaking about personal love and relationships in libraries and Waterstones across London from 12-14th February. I encourage readers to go after their dreams in this self help writing. I intend to continue with inspirational stories for women and the growth of Blossom Books.

How can we keep up to date with you?

I can be reached on social media through Google+, Twitter and Facebook

7 Shades of Love is here!

7 Shades of LoveI am proud to say that my poetry anthology 7 Shades of Love is officially here.

As a Spiritual Woman who believes in the Power of Positive Affirmation and Meditation, 7 Shades of Love was borne as an exploration of what exactly Love means. What is it to Love someone purely, unconditionally without demand or selfishness or a desire to change? What is it to truly accept someone for who they Are and Love them regardless of imperfection? How can we achieve this type of Love in a physical world where much of our happiness is dependent on expectation and need? Is it even possible??

It was then I realised that Love truly is a discovery of Self. The more we Love and Accept and Value Ourselves without Judgement or a desire to change, to accept just as we are, the more we can Love and Accept others- not just as “others” but of reflections of ourselves. A Unified Body. A Unified Self. As 14 year old Nikesh, when asked impromptu (in an English Romeo and Juliet lesson I was teaching at the time) what Love was he answered back unfazed and without hesitation, “Loving an Imperfect person perfectly.”  It was then that I realised that Love far transcends the concept of loving another because… or loving another when… but what it really meant was that Love means loving and valuing OURSELVES as imperfect people, recognising our value and worth and so seeing this in others. To see ourselves as wondrous beings that have been perfectly made flaws and all. For how can we expect others to Love us without this Love and Acceptance from and of Ourselves?

We spend so much time judging others when we forget to look within. We spend so much time expecting others to fulfill our needs and looking for a God that exists outside of ourselves when everything we truly need resides inside us all along. It was then I realised that my journey or quest to discover what True Love was, was it is something that could not be measured, qualified or even summarised in words but was something that had to be felt and experienced. There are many different types of Love ranging from parental love, to spousal love, to codependent love, passionate love, sexual love, addictive love, unhealthy love and 7 Shades of Love, through an eclectic mix of poets from all across the world, have written about it all.

7 Shades of Love explores these types of Love, along with unconditional True Love through colour and their associated Western and Eastern meanings. Alongside these poems are Positive Affirmations to help us rooted, balanced and in remembrance of what Love truly is in this complicated world.

Thank you to every single poet who made the publication of this book possible. I have loved putting this together and have learnt so much. 7 Shades of Love is available via my website (you can buy a SIGNED copy) at and Amazon


Author Daniella Blechner takes a unique approach to the ways in which various people, all poets, have dealt with love. Psychologists classify love as an emotion, others deem it the highest of all universal frequencies. In a somewhat surprising correlation between the vital chakras of the human body and the ways in which we connect to and separate ourselves from love, Blechner illuminates how our energetic frequencies can influence our approach to love by a simple shift in balance. She’s combined this with modern psychology and added the artistic writings of people from around the world in haiku, rhyme, and free verse. 7 Shades of Love is a comforting read that will help you connect to the people in your world through a better understanding of yourself, letting you attract the relationships you want and assuring you that you’re grounded in the universe.

Check out contributor poet Nicole Moore’s Review here

Extraordinary Women- Maeve Crawford


Maeve Crawford is a Relationship Healer and Educator.   She walks her talk, digs deep to find the buried treasure within everyone she connects with and believes in love so passionately she has dedicated her life to being a stand for love.

After many failed relationships, including divorce, single-parenthood, disappointments in life, various tragedies and emotional traumas, Maeve dug deep to find out the answers to many of life’s most puzzling questions and challenges.  She spent many years on a spiritual quest to discover the truth about life, love and relationships.  Along the way, she discovered her personal truth about what life means and what she wanted most of all.  To love and be loved.

This soul search attracted her to relationship educators, spiritual teachers, shamanic guides and Universal Laws.  Her awareness of her soul wisdom and connection to her higher self, which guides and protects, significantly enhanced her understanding of love and relationship.  But nothing could teach her more about love than love itself.

Her journey eventually connected her to her twin flame, Alex.  They enjoy a “Love Like No Other,” a love that transcends time and space, that requires authenticity, raw honesty, inner strength, trust, compassion, wisdom and a deep soul connection of courage and unconditional love.  Their remarkable relationship inspires others who meet them.

Maeve is on a mission to share this experience, knowledge and wisdom with as many people as possible during one-to-one and group conversations, because she believes everyone deserves to experience A Love Like No Other..  Click this link for Testimonials.

Through her Love Like No Other course and free 30 min Soul mate Discovery session, she passionately shares her discoveries about love and empowers those she works with to also experience a love like no other.  She has learned how to love herself and invites you to do the same as part of your soul mate / twin flame adventure.

Her clients:

  • Experience a deeper connection with themselves
  • Declare what they truly want for their lives
  • Discover how to value and appreciate themselves
  • Learn they deserve to have the love they desire
  • Become empowered to make better choices for their love lives.

To book your free 30 minutes Soul mate Discovery session click here:


What brought you into this line of work and what are your key strengths?

After the end of an abusive relationship, I spent time working with a relationship coach who taught me loads about dating I didn’t previously know.  I shared what I learned with friends, who began using this information and made incredible progress in their lives.

My curiosity grew and I wanted to find out more and be able to help more people.  So I trained as a dating and relationship coach for singles.  My training took me to California where I learned from various organisations and world renowned relationship experts. It was a massive turning point in my life and ignited the fire for helping people with their dating and relationship challenges.

I am committed to providing as many people as possible with the information and education to learn how to improve their relationship and dating skills, develop a greater understanding and awareness of who they are as individuals, and choose well in love.

Many women I’ve worked with have told me I am an excellent listener; I listen without judgment and create a safe space for people to share openly with me.  I step in at appropriate times to share relevant information and lovingly guide my clients to discover what their truths are for themselves.  I believe that because I have learned the hard way and am now enjoying a loving committed spiritual relationship with someone who truly loves me and shares similar values, I am able to empathise and connect with people in ways I wouldn’t if I hadn’t gone through it myself.  I inspire others to believe it can happen for them too.

I saw on another website you have some serious credentials and experience working with both individuals and families. Can you tell us more.

During my 20 years working in Education, I trained as a parent coach and delivered programmes to help parents develop skills they didn’t recognise in themselves.  Most of my time working in schools was dedicated to supporting students with special educational needs, this was an incredible experience and I learned a great deal from the young people I worked with. I’ve delivered workshops for young people to share information and tools about developing healthy relationships that aren’t being taught in schools.

The individuals I’ve worked with have attracted someone they hadn’t expected, and probably wouldn’t have noticed before doing this work.  Some of them have decided to leave dating alone for a while so they can focus on themselves; others have discovered their buried passions and started courses or hobbies they would have continued to ignore.

In your experience, what makes a successful relationship?

I believe a successful relationship begins when each person comes to the relationship with a clear idea of what they bring to the partnership and are both equally committed to its success and longevity.  It helps if both people have as little baggage from previous relationships as possible.  I also believe wholeheartedly that as long as both people have a strong sense of commitment to their relationship, work as a team, support each other’s growth and creative pursuits, listen to each other and communicate openly and honestly their union will last.  Only the individuals involved will know if their relationship is a success, as success means something different for everyone.

When two people come together from a place of wholeness, this adds to the strength of this union.  However, many people want to be in a relationship because they believe the other person will bring them happiness, make them whole and feel good about themselves.  Starting a relationship from a place of need is a recipe for disaster.   If you’re hoping the other person will “complete” you, then this is evidence you have some more inner work to do.


What is the difference between and Soul mate and Twin Flame?

A soul mate is someone with whom you have a soul connection, and is not solely about a romantic coupling.  A soul mate can be your best friend, an aunt who really gets you, a sibling or your own child.  Over the years I’ve discovered my soul family, they support and challenge me and I feel a strong connection and bond to each of them.

A twin flame can best be described by the following: TWIN FLAME PERFECT LOVE

The twin flame, or perfect love, is born out of the original white-fire ovoid.  This is an ovoid of light in which you are created in the Central Sun, the highest concentration of pure Spirit in the universe. God takes the ovoid and he makes out of it two spheres of light. And each sphere looks like the causal body in the upper portion of the Chart of the Real Self. So imagine this chart twice.

Descending from these spheres into Matter, then, come forth the souls that are the counterpart of the
Spirit spheres. They are called twin flames because they came out of the original single ovoid. The electronic Presence of each soul is the exact duplicate of the other. And when they descend into form, one assumes the positive or masculine and one assumes the negative or feminine polarity. Now, each ovoid has a unique pattern. It is an electronic blueprint. Only you and your twin flame have it. You have it in the Spirit. You have the divine image in which you were made. It’s the same image. No one else in the whole cosmos can claim this oneness with you because you were only born once, spiritually.
Elizabeth Clare Prophet…….

In other words, you can have many soul mates, but there is only one twin flame!  Many people only meet their twin flame in spirit, it is rare to meet your twin flame in physical form.


How did you know that Alex was your twin flame?

We knew when we began sharing openly about ourselves with each other and began to realise we had connected over several lifetimes.  There was a deep knowing and recognition of the other as self. We feel connected even when separate and share an intuition about each other.  Our relationship challenges, supports, comforts and heals, not just ourselves, but also others who connect with us.

From my understanding Twin Flame relationships can be quite difficult. They can make you face your fears and shadow side but equally, if the person is ready, promote healing. What advice would you give to those in a difficult Twin Flame relationship?

Being in a twin flame relationship can be challenging, but no more or less than any other kind of relationship.  The healing that can take place is also available in other relationships, however, I believe a twin flame relationship is a divine union which offers each person a chance to heal karmic lessons and experiences as well as provide a powerful healing for the planet. I would encourage couples in a difficult twin flame relationship to explore and understand what a twin flame union is, learn some essential relationship skills, acknowledge the challenge they may be going through and look deep within to ask what lesson this challenge may provide them and seek support from someone who is trained and intuitively knows how to help them discover the gift of their union.  There are endless possibilities awaiting them, once they have the courage to connect and delve deep to uncover what lies beneath.

Tell us about the free Soul mate Discovery Session you offer and how clients can benefit.

During the free soul mate discovery session, I ask various questions to understand what the individual is looking for in a relationship.  We uncover what is holding them back from having this enriching experience of love they seek and then explore ways they can open themselves up to giving and receiving love with the person they wish to live their life with.

As long as the person is willing and open to learning a new way of dating, they can benefit tremendously from the insights they discover during our time together.  The discovery session lasts approximately 30-45 minutes, during which time they can ask questions about the process, co-create a plan of action with me and begin to attract their soul mate.  Often, people experience a powerful breakthrough in a short space of time, it can be quite emotional and healing begins to take place.

We also explore if the person would like to continue to delve into the work further and we discuss how we can make this possible as a partnership.  The work I do uncovers many fears, traumas and hidden potential, it is emotional and transformational.  After the discovery session, people tell me how much clearer they feel about who they are and what they want.


How can clients benefit from your Love Like No Other course?

A Love Like No Other is a 5 week course, which walks you through how to attract your spiritual life partner.  This course is not for everyone, it is really for someone who is spiritually awakening and opening up to living life from a more spiritual perspective.  Taking this course will help you to tap into your inner wisdom, trust your intuition, create a powerful attraction plan for your soul mate/twin flame and help you to understand how the universe is working for you all the time to connect you with the person who is meant to be with you.


What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had in your role as Relationship Healer and Educator?

The most memorable moment I can recall is one afternoon sitting in a client’s living room.  There was a lit, rose scented candle on her coffee table.  We began the session with an angel card reading and energy connection.  She then began to share how emotionally closed she felt and how she had protected herself from feeling love all her life.  As the conversation evolved, we both felt a tangible shift of energy in the room.  She began to open up more about her emotional blocks and why they existed.  As she spoke about where this came from, her eyes moistened, my eyes moistened and as she shared from her heart tears rolled down our cheeks.  At the moment when she emptied herself from this painful experience, the candle that had been flickering while she spoke, suddenly blew itself out.  The shift in energy was palpable and she said she felt something had lifted from her.


What advice would you give to women who keep on attracting Mr Wrong (Emotionally Unavailable Men?)

I tend not to give advice to women, as each person is individual and has experienced life from their unique perspective.  However, I encourage women to begin their journey with a willingness to open their heart to themselves.  It is important to ask questions about what is creating this experience.  For example, if someone believes all men are emotionally unavailable, this will be their experience.  They will attract situations to provide them with evidence that this is true.  However, when they begin to change this thinking and turn this belief on its head, they can begin to recognise that not all men are emotionally unavailable.   Once they start to recognise this, they then begin to notice men who are supportive, available, communicative and loving.  This revelation can be exciting, but also daunting as they may never have experience a relationship with a man who is emotionally available, so don’t know how to manage it well.  This is definitely where working with a relationship coach will help lessen the chances of self sabotage interfering with the possibility of this new relationship.

Link to recent interview with Sonia Greyson-Newman on Bright Now Radio

 Maeve Mr Wrong

Interview with Julieanne O Connor

14/41 “Mr. Wrong with Daniella Blechner”

Prof pic2

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to land an interview with the lovely Julieanne O Connor, fellow author and female empowerer. She too, has a book on Love and Relationships called Spelling it Out for Your Man and I feel completely aligned with her sentiment, wit and mindset regarding the male and female species when it comes to relationships. I also love her exploration into the role society plays in the creations of “fantasy” relationships as opposed to real-life nitty gritty, everyday relationships. You can buy a copy of her book here.  Spelling It Out For Your Man. Below is my interview, which felt like a very relaxed chat with a friend!  Thanks Julieanne.

Airing October 14th through October 20th on Transforming Relationships with host, Julieanne O’Connor, and her guest Daniella Blechner Tune-in for a relaxed and entertaining interview with Daniella Blechner, author of Mr. Wrong.

Do you ever feel as though you will never meet the right man? Are your relationships leaving you wondering what you’re doing wrong? Do you attract the same type of man, repeating the same negative patterns over and over again? If you find yourself thinking “Here we go again” or “I’ve been here before”, if you’re dating men who love you and leave you emotionally wounded and insecure, or if you’re wondering why you just can’t seem to get it right, I have news for you. You are simply dating the wrong men.

Mr. Wrong is an insightful and witty exploration into why some women continually attract the wrong men. This powerful collection of humorous, insightful, and entertaining stories are written by women from across the world that have encountered and overcome toxic Mr. Wrong relationships.

dannilouiseTransparent1Mr. Wrong gives women the courage to turn their pain into Power and their adversities into Opportunities. It also gives space for celebrating Mr. Right by acknowledging men’s valuable relationship stories too. Do men get a bad rap? What role do women play in creating Mr. Wrong? Are we victims of our past, social conditioning or are we simply re-enacting negative belief systems? Open up and learn from Mr. Wrong and Claim Mr. Right by making a change from within.


Interview on Sound Cloud or Radio Interview with Julieanne O Connor

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Best Books on Love, Relationships and Dating

I’ve been reading some pretty amazing books recently and if you’re like me and have been struggling with relationships or if you simply love to read up on the subject of Love, Relationships and Dating then please  check out my recommended reading list.

I am also looking for bloggers to review some of these books so please inbox me to register your interest at if you would like to see your reviews in print and online!



It’s been two years in the making and I can finally say I have done it! Mr Wrong was published on Saturday 20th September weighing a mere 2Ilbs and costs £9.99. The book launch was held at Brixton Electric Social and I was overwhelmed at such a warm reception both myself, the panelists and my book Mr Wrong was given. I am still overwhelmed at the support and encouragement demonstrated not only on the day, but the two years leading up to it. I am still too overwhelmed to write about it properly so please read this lovely review from Little Miss Lola who read her harrowing but totally and utterly inspiring true life account of her traumatic experience with her Mr Wrong. To freedom, to independence and above all self-worth. xx

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Thursday evening saw Blue and I take a little train ride to London for the official launch of Daniella Blechner’s book, Mr.Wrong – Learn From Mr.Wrong And Claim Mr.Right.


About a year ago, the beautiful and talented Miss. Blechner discovered this blog and asked me to contribute a story to her book about women who consistently date the wrong men. I, obviously, had an abundance of tales to choose from. In the end, I chose to share the story of my relationship with my son’s father. Drug addiction, domestic violence, single parenthood…sadly, it seemed the story most people could relate to.

The book launch at Social Electric in Brixton was a wonderful event. The gathered audience, at standing room only, oozed support and praise for Miss. Blechner as well as the guest speakers she had invited along for the evening. As one of these guest speakers, it was comforting to…

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Cursed Out


swear wordsFEATURED STORY taken from Chapter 3: Dating Disasters and Red Flags

“When people show you they are, believe them.”- Maya Angelou

How would you react to this undesirable date? Let us know in the comment box.

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I don’t think I had met anyone from Yonkers before I met Tommy. He looked happy and well-balanced in his photos, with a shaved head and an earring. Tommy was a big sports fan and seemed to possess some of the traditional notions that many of my Italian-American friends did. I liked the fact that he was easy to talk to on the phone, sounded like a complete gentleman with a street-smart manner.

After a couple of phone conversations, we decided to meet for a drink. At the time, both of us were in school and I was working full-time as well, so while it is always nerve-wracking to meet someone face-to-face for the first time, it would be a fun way to break up the week.

I got to the bar first and when Tommy walked in a few minutes later, I knew it was him but my heart…

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It is with great excitement, I present to you the official Mr Wrong book cover. Get ready for a Sept/October launch. Please sign up to newsletter to get updates about progress of book and exciting events. Cover is designed by the amazing Sunny Tellone

Much love and gratitude towards anyone who have shown me support on this journey.

Daniella xx


MrWrong Back and Front



Do you ever feel as though you will never meet the right man? Are your relationships leaving you wondering what you’re doing wrong? Do you attract the same type of man, repeating the same negative patterns over and over again? If you find yourself thinking “Here we go again” or “I’ve been here before”, if you’re dating men who love you and leave you emotionally wounded and insecure, or if you’re wondering why you just can’t seem to get it right, I have news for you. You are simply dating the wrong men.


Mr. Wrong is an insightful and witty exploration into why some women continually attract the wrong men. This powerful collection of humorous, insightful, and entertaining stories are written by women from across the world that have encountered and overcome toxic Mr. Wrong relationships.


Mr. Wrong gives women the courage to turn their pain into Power and their adversities into Opportunities. It also gives space for celebrating Mr. Right by acknowledging men’s valuable relationship stories too. Do men get a bad rap? What role do women play in creating Mr. Wrong? Are we victims of our past, social conditioning or are we simply re-enacting negative belief systems? Open up and learn from Mr. Wrong and Claim Mr. Right by making a change from within.

7 Shades of Love Anthology is nearly ready to go!

7 Shades of love Cover WEB LARGEWith Mr Wrong complete and on the brink of being published, I have compiled a beautiful anthology of poems written by women and men across the world on the Universal subject of Love.

To help me publish please support by donating some funds in exchange for perks. Just £5 gets you a dedication and 2 poems  and £10 gets you that plus and EBook!

Please click here to  CONTRIBUTE

Short Summary

7 Shades of Love is an anthology lovingly written by women and men across the world, including UK, US, Canada, Jamaica, Kenya and Malaysia. As many of the authors in my book Mr Wrong possess a wealth of talent for poetry I could not help but have their voices heard in verse! 7 Shades of Love explores Love in colours and their associated meaning both in Eastern and Western cultures. It explores the colours and associated meaning as well as the belief system of Chakras which can reflect blockages in relationships and illuminate fulfilling and meaningful relationships. All we need in Life is Love. the only thing that’s true and real in Life is just that: Love

What We Need & What You Get

As I am publishing this anthology completely independently, I will need to raise funds to.

* register my own publishing company

* cover the cost of book cover design

* copyediting

* test copy

* printing of 100 books

* any marketing of the book

There are a number of perks, including *dedication in 7 Shades of Love, *free EBook, *free paperback books, *free framed poetry. Check out to select your choice. :)

The Impact

To allow the voices of others experiences and lessons learned in Love heard as well as to share with others the message that Love, although hard and painful at times, is really the only thing that truly exists- it’s only true opposition? Fear itself.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to contribute, please do share this campaign via twitter, FaceBook or any other Social Media site you can!

Follow my Blog and share with others.

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Peace and Love and an abundance of thanks in advance!
Daniella Blechner
author and editor

Here is a link to the review of 7 Shades of Love review

This campaign started on May 12 and will close on June 04, 2014 (11:59pm PT).


Contribute Now and Select a Perk

Flying Fiver

A dedication in 7 Shades of Love, 2 free poems

Estimated delivery: June 2014


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A dedication in 7 Shades of Love, 3 free poems and an EBook

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Fabulous Fifteen

A dedication in 7 Shades of Love, 3 free poems and an EBook and 1 framed poem. See to make your choice

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A dedication in 7 Shades of Love, 3 free poems and an EBook, paperback book and 1 framed poem. See: to make your choice

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A dedication in 7 Shades of Love, 3 free poems and an EBook, 2 paperback books and 1 framed poem. See: to make your choice


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A dedication in 7 Shades of Love, 3 free poems, 2 EBook, 2 paperback books and 3 framed poems. See: to make your choice


Thank you so much

Let Dreams Win Over Doubt and Fear

So I am close to achieving my Dream of being a published author. I have dreamt of this since I was 4years old.  The transition from ‘doing what you’ve always done’  and taking that final leap is an interesting one. Up until this point I have had absolute faith that what I am doing is right and that publishing Mr Wrong and my anthology 7 Shades of Love is the goal but the goal is so much more than that.   When it comes to our Dreams with it comes a great sacrifice (for me anyway.)  I have found I’ve had to give things up. Sometimes we have to give up our job or toxic people and relationships, sometimes we have to block out the critical chimes of ‘you can’t do it’ ‘what would so and so think’ or ‘you’re mad to quit your job.’ I have found as I’ve delved deeper into this Dream that I have invested so much time and energy into not just the writing of the book but the research, questionnaires, speaking to people across the world and making them feel comfortable enough to share their stories. On that basis alone, I am blessed! That is all without having to learn how to publish and market a book and set up a website! And to think this time two years ago when I began this process I did not even know what a blog was!   I have learnt that when we are aligned with our purpose we cannot allow any negativity in. We must surround ourselves with positive people who support and encourage you and those wish you well.




I am a very self critical person as it is. Although I was confident in myself I always hid my achievements (unless sporting!) from others and hid from recognition or praise. If this is you you must be extra careful to protect yourself from Doubt and Fear and make sure you protect yourself daily through grounding positive affirmations, meditation or simply affirming your goals and Dreams to yourself. When you are close to your Dreams there comes moments and voices of Doubt and Fear. They tell you to give up and stop deluding yourself. They tell you that you must grasp tightly all those things you depend on for security for you are nothing without them, they tell you that you are kidding yourself and that you are not good enough. The trick is to say ‘thank you for speaking to me. I’m doing it anyway!’ and become more determined. #determination #dreams When I was 16 I wrote this poem as a message in our Year 11 class leavers book. I hope this little poem helps to inspire you too in some way. ‘Look to the sky and don’t look back, Walk straight ahead and keep on track, You will succeed in all that you do, If you just believe  people have faith in You.’

I have to believe in these words more than ever now.   Thank you to everyone who has supported me thus  far for Dreams cannot be built alone.



‘Dreams are nothing without conscious positive thought and action.’ Me


Good news!! I'm finally selling my poetry online. I've started with three main titles Real Love, Strong Woman and Ms Independent

You can choose between two different styles for two of the poems. These framed poems are great to give as gifts to your loved ones or to simply keep for yourself. (I know I have!) I hope you like my words. They were all written with Love and contain messages of hope, positivity and empowerment.Edit Edit status

Happy Browsing! :)

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Real Love


Real Love

Strong Woman (Mother Nature)


Strong Woman (Mother Nature)

Strong Woman (Silhouette)


Strong Woman (Silhouette)

Ms Independent (Heart in my Hands)


Ms Independent (Heart in my Hands)

Ms Independent (DIY)

Ms Independent DIY


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1.Real Love & Strong Woman (Mother Nature)

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6.Strong Woman (Mother Nature) & Ms Independent (Heart in my Hands)

7.Strong Woman (Mother Nature) & Ms Independent (DIY)

8.Strong Woman (Silhouetted butterfly) & Ms Independent (Heart in my Hands)

9.Strong Woman (Silhouetted butterfly) & Ms Independent (DIY)

10.Ms Independent (Heart in my Hands) & Ms Independent (DIY)

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