Good news!! I'm finally selling my poetry online. I've started with three main titles Real Love Strong Woman and Ms Independent

You can choose between two different styles for two of the poems. These framed poems are great to give as gifts to your loved ones or to simply keep for yourself. (I know I have!) I hope you like my words. They were all written with Love and contain messages of hope, positivity and empowerment.

Happy Browsing! :)

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Real Love


Real Love

Strong Woman (Mother Nature)


Strong Woman (Mother Nature)

Strong Woman (Silhouette)


Strong Woman (Silhouette)

Ms Independent (Heart in my Hands)


Ms Independent (Heart in my Hands)

Ms Independent (DIY)

Ms Independent DIY


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1.Real Love & Strong Woman (Mother Nature)

2.Real Love & Strong Woman (Silhouetted butterfly)

3.Real Love & Ms Independent (Heart in my Hands)

4.Real Love & Ms Independent (DIY)

5.Strong Woman (Mother Nature) & Strong Woman (Silhouetted butterfly)

6.Strong Woman (Mother Nature) & Ms Independent (Heart in my Hands)

7.Strong Woman (Mother Nature) & Ms Independent (DIY)

8.Strong Woman (Silhouetted butterfly) & Ms Independent (Heart in my Hands)

9.Strong Woman (Silhouetted butterfly) & Ms Independent (DIY)

10.Ms Independent (Heart in my Hands) & Ms Independent (DIY)

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MR WRONG official book

7 Shades of Love poetry anthology

For more details email me at


Thank You!

I wanted to give a great big THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who contributed to helping me publish Mr Wrong. I managed to raise £1’100 and this could not have been done without the help of friends and family, old and new. Thank you so much. In return, all contributors will receive a special dedication in the book and you should all have received a poem and excerpt from the book. Just as soon as the books are published, your perks will be with you too!

Those of you looking to self publish or raise money for any positive project you have going, then I strongly recommend Indiegogo. It’s easy to register and they are quick, efficient and encouraging.

So far with the money raised, I have been able to get my manuscript copyedited and am in the process of getting a book cover designed for Mr Wrong. I have already got a book cover designed for the anthology 7 Shades of Love that I am really proud of. I am also in the process of setting up my website so that I can keep you updated with the latest events, books and poems for sale.

Now I am finally on the last legs of publishing I ask that you continue to support me by holding positive intentions in your minds that the book will be a success and sell! :)

If you wish to find out more about Mr Wrong and the forthcoming book launch, please sign up to the newsletter at the top right hand side of the page.

Thank you and thank you again!


Would You Like a Dedication in the Mr Wrong Book?

Would you like a dedication in Mr Wrong? Would you like an excerpt, poem or free book or even a special feature on my blog? Then please donate to the Mr Wrong Crowd Fund appeal. My challenge is to raise £1000 in 18 days. So far I have £405…. The costs will go towards: *publishing costs £199 initial , *distribution, *editing,*proofreading *book cover design *author page *book review *marketing plan.
As most of you know, I set up this blog nearly two years ago with the view to write a book called Mr Wrong. I am proud to say that that book is now finally complete and it is finally time to give birth to something that is designed to unite, inspire and empower. Please see my campaign below. Let’s make it happen!
2012_03_strong-womanMr Loose Eye

Short Summary

My name is Daniella Blechner and after two years, have finally completed writing  a book called Mr Wrong (73’000 words.) Mr Wrong comes after a decade of bad luck with the opposite sex. I no longer make a secret of it and claim it to empower others. Mr Wrong is a  collection of stories and experiences written by women who have encountered Mr Wrong. The aim of the book is to empower, inspire and unite women by sharing our stories. It’s time to stop blaming and berating ourselves by getting  rid of Mr Wrong and claiming Mr Right! Men also have their say in the book, allowing the book to explore a balanced view of the role both men and women have in relationships. Are men given a bad rap? What role do women play?

The book is a self-help relationship book that allows the reader to interact through exercise, quizzes and meditations. It questions belief systems, explores the Power of Forgiveness and the importance of Loving, Blessing and Letting Go of old baggage. It is a book of journeying and self discovering.

As someone, who has experienced Mr Wrong a few times now, this book is close to my heart. . I want to share what I have learnt and give the opportunity for women and men all over the world to share their experiences too. The book and the stories it contains will make you laugh, make you cry and above all think. By contributing to the publishing of this book, you will be part of allowing hundreds or even thousands of potential readers to have access to these deeply personal and inspiring stories of empowerment, self discovery and change. This in turn, will allow them insight  into how to create positive changes and attract healthy relationships into their own lives. We are stronger than we think!

THE IMPACT: Mr Wrong takes both women and men on a journey of self-discovery allowing them to question their roles within relationships. Through exercises and affirmations it allows the reader to acknowledge any negative belief systems and prepare themselves for a more positive path ahead. Please read an excerpt here: Chapter 12: Start With You.

What We Need & What You Get

I will need £1000 to publish the book. I have selected a self publishing company that has already agreed to contribute some of the money as they can see the potential of the book. The £1000 will go towards:

*Cover design


*Proof reading

*PR and Marketing plan

* Distribution

* Publication and proof copy


All contributors will receive a free excerpt from the book plus a poem. Contributors who contribute £15+ will recieve a free copy of the book Mr Wrong and a dedication in the book. £25+ A free copy of Mr Wrong and a free copy of poetry anthology book 7 Shades of Love £50+ TWO copies of Mr Wrong . All of the above and an opportunity to feature on my blog promoting their business

Other Ways You Can Help

I understand that not everybody will be able to contribute financially. If this project appeals to you and you can see the benefit of such a book, please know that you can play a part in spreading the word about the book and this funding scheme.  You can:

Follow my Blog and share with others.

“Like” the Mr Wrong FaceBook page and share posts

Follow me on twitter and tweet about the fund

Blog about the Mr Wrong appeal and share this page with others.

I thank you in advance for you kind help and support in this project. All support and donations no matter how large or small are greatly appreciated.


Daniella Blechner- author of Mr Wrong

  Daniella Blechner- author of Mr Wrong

7 Shades of Love Poetry needs YOUR poems

7 chakrasI NEED YOU!

I am compiling an anthology called 7 Shades of Love. 7 Shades of Love is based on the 7 colours of the rainbow and their inferred meanings.

If you have a poem about love, relationships and dating please submit your poem here!

Poems can be of any length, format or style. Below are the colours broken down into themes.

Red: Passion, fire, security, a sense of belonging, safety

Orange: creativity, passion, addictive relationships/love eroticism

Yellow: Losing power within a relationship, finding our power, abusive relationships, hope

Green: Self Love, heartbreak, losing Love, finding Love, Loving ourselves, new love

Blue: Feeling blue, finding our voice, expressing our Love

Indigo: Opening our eyes, finding out who we are in a relationship, self realisation, fantasy love

Violet: True Love, Unconditional Love, realisation, Love encompasses all

If you wish to apply please upload your poem here at and you will receive a reply upon receipt. All poets chosen for submission will be notified by 7th February and asked for further details.

I can’t wait to read your entries!

Good luck!


You Were Supposed to Love Me- Book Launch

This post is long overdue!!

Back in October I was asked by a very good friend of mine, Winsome Duncan, aka Lyrical Healer to write the foreword to her relationship book, You Were Supposed to Love Me (The Break Up Book.) This book tackles many issues such as, healing a broken heart, letting go and loving Your Self. Immediately, I connected with the message and ethos of the book and jumped at the chance to write her foreword.

The launch was on 19th October and was an amazing event. During the event Lyrical kicked off with interactive exercises with the audience where we discussed what breaks and makes a relationship. She read excerpts from her book in her smooth poetical style and I was also honoured to be a guest at her book launch along with author Gwenton Sloely (author of From The Streets to Scotland Yard.)

You can see coverage of the event along with our interviews here:

Part 1  (Introduction to book, exercises and book launch)

Part 2:   (Interviews. I’m at 7mins)

Part 3:   (The Mr Loose Eye song exclusive)

The most exciting of all was the debut performance of our new Mr Wrong song entitled Mr Loose Eye (performed by Lyrical Healer, Ian Sampson and Kevin)  You can watch here:


When I was asked to write the foreword for Winsome Duncan’s new book, You Were Supposed To Love Me, I was both honoured and proud to be part of this project. In fact, it goes far deeper than that: it is a movement. As our collective consciousness begins to expand and evolve, we are all waking up to the fact that our journeys begin from within.

I first met Winsome Duncan on the poetry scene at an open Mic night and I was drawn to her silky smooth voice and healing lyrics. However, we truly connected when she became a contributor for my new book “Mr Wrong”.

Mr Wrong is a collection of stories written by women about their encounters with “Mr Wrongs” but more importantly, how they overcame their experiences and finally set themselves out onto a positive path of self-love.

Winsome immediately got that it was not about berating men or beating them with a stick; it is more a means to inspire, unite and empower women through the sharing of our valuable stories. In essence, our stories begin from within and we must look at our chosen partners as a reflection of our choices. A relationship takes two and it would be wrong to place the blame on a single individual. I strongly believe that we are the author of our own destiny and that we teach people how to treat us. If we love ourselves, then there is no room to tolerate anything less from those we bring into our circles.

You Were Supposed To Love Me is a book that focusses on Self-Love. It explores some of the deep, uncomfortable feelings one is left with after the loss of a relationship. It delves into the depths of the abandoned partner’s mind, to the point of discomfort at times, allowing us to gain insight into the subconscious issues and beliefs that affect the way we relate to others. She cleverly weaves a collective of real life experiences into a single book to examine feelings of rejection, jealously, anger and abandonment. As the author of Mr Wrong and as a secondary school teacher, I have come across so many women across the ages in pain, despair and swimming in hopelessness after heartbreak. The question that binds them together:

“What is wrong with me?”

Too often we are made to feel that we have done something wrong, that we didn’t give enough or love enough or have enough. Well we are enough and we are worthy. Too often, we define ourselves by the standards or treatment of others lulling us into a false sense of insecurity that we are not enough.

Winsome Duncan and I went to see Trent Shelton speak not too long ago and I echo his words just as they are;

“You are perfect for the heart that is meant to love you.”

Winsome Duncan is known in the entertainment world as Lyrical Healer. She is just that someone who heals people through words. She is a Strong Woman who has risen up through her own adversity, gained power through her painful experiences and is now boldly stepping out to touch others.

You Were Supposed To Love Me is essential for those who allow their anger, disappointment and loss to rule their lives and dictate their downward spiral. It is testament to the fact that, it is not purely your partner who is, “supposed to love me passed my pain and make me smile rainbows again” but us. It is testament to the fact that there is light at the end of what can seem like a long, daunting dark tunnel and that there is hope and growth and renewal after pain. You Were Supposed To Love Me is testament to the fact that we can use our pain and stories and experiences as a tool to evolve and grow rather than a weapon that will see us fall into the pits of doom. I hope that this little book unites, inspires and empowers both women and men to believe that there is life after heart break and I hope that the realisation that it is only we who have the ability to break our hearts shoots straight through the page and grabs us with full force.

Daniella Blechner

Author of Mr Wrong

You can buy the book by clicking on the link here

You Were Supposed To Love me: ORDER HERE!

You Were Supposed to love Me Book CoverBook Launch Lyrical

Me guest speaking at the launch

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