Having had a few Mr Wrong girlie nights at mine and judging by the feedback I have had, it seems that everyone, at some stage of their lives, has encountered one of these Mr Wrongs or “Mr Wrongun” as my Dad likes to say! Below are some sketches drawn by the very talented Amde Anbessa-Ebanks

If you want to go ‘Mr Wrong Spotting’, a bit like bird watching without the binoculars, or like most, want to simply avoid Mr Wrong simply use the key below to IDENTIFY and AVOID!


Mr Loose Eye

‘Baby it’s all about you.’

Appearance: Large google eyes and gormless expression. Often has his mouth open and has a tendency to dribble.

Movement: Shifty revolving eyes and a revolving head that can turn a full owl-like 360!

Typical Phrase:
“I’m just looking at her T-shirt!”
“What were you saying?”
“Why are you always accusing me!”

Tone of Voice: Soft and reassuring.



Mr X Factor

“That’s what my ex use to say.”

Appearance:wears a permanent pained expression as if he’s had an unfortunate encounter with a liquor of laxatives.

Movement:Walks slowly with shoulders stooped; he’s a broken man trapped in a time warp

Typical Phrase:
“I’m over her.”
“She needs me.”
“Me and my ex use to go here.”

 Tone of Voice:  Monotonous and whiny.



Mr Parasite/Emotional Vampire

“YOU made me do it!.””

Appearance:  Looks shiny on the outside. Looks are irrelevant as they are deceiving but if you look close enough, you can see the hooked claws, translucent skin and sharp fangs beneath his smiling mouth.

Movement:  Walks as if he is drained of all energy before feed and buzzing with excitement after.

Typical Phrase: 
“I’m not blaming you but it’s your fault.”
“We need to talk.
You’ve upset me again.”

Tone of Voice:  Will use any tone of voice necessary to get required ‘emotion’ across. Often has an accusatory/defensive tone.


Mr Workaholic

“I can’t, I’ve got to……”

Appearance: Small tired eyes, a tense expression. Rarely smiles. Often has a throbbing vein located at right temple.

Movement: He dashes about like a bolt of lightning attending to his work needs but slobs about at home.

Typical Phrase:
“I’m working late again honey.”
“In early tomorrow.”
“I can’t make it I’m working.”

Tone of Voice:  Busy, rushed and tense.



Mr Serial Liar

“Honest to God babe!”

Appearance: Not everything that glitters is gold.

Movementt: Has a shifty rat-like nervousness about him. His movements are quick and sharp as he ducks and dives as if dodging a bullet. Often coughs to cover up his lies, and scratches his head and nose. Prone to twitching and head turning as he scans the area for trails of his lies.

Typical Phrase:
“Honest babe.”
“It’s not you, it’s me.”
“You’re the only one for me.”

Tone of Voice:  Amateur– changes pitch and tone frequently. Professional-has a slow and steady reassuring tone.



Please comment and VOTE for your favourite sketch here. If you would like to view more of Amde’s wonderful work please check out http://www.tagacreations1.carbonmade.com

If you would like Amde to draw a sketch/sketches for your project or for any reason at all please email him at taga5000@yahoo.co.uk.

Don’t forget although we want to avoid and get rid of Mr Wrong we are forgiving women. Why? Because bitterness and resentment are the root of all illnesses and their ain’t no Mr Wrong pill to take so Love, Bless, Release and move on. To find out more check out an excerpt from Chapter 3- The Power of Forgiveness

Ladies don’t forget to add your stories here Share Your Stories! If I can do it so can you! You can read others stories here too!

Finally, if anyone else would like to have a go and drawing some sketches feel free to post or email me at dingdongitsmrwrong@yahoo.co.uk. Artwork will be displayed on my blog with a link to your page.


  1. I love these, especially the most-often heard phrases part. Now, what about some descriptions of the Mr. Rights of the world?

    – K.

    • Hi K, do you have a Mr Right story (N?) you could share with me. I have a section under Share Your Stories! Give Mr Right some love however these stories are thin on the ground and I seem to be inundated with Mr Wrong stories! Help! 🙂

  2. These are brilliant. I just realised I hadn’t followed your blog to email. I’m on top of it now! The last sketch pretty much defines my ex husband and the first but my current Mr Wrong isn’t up there yet.

  3. Mr Emotional Parasite is my vote… unfortunately he seems to be the type that I’m attracted to on a regular basis! It’s amazing how he can make you feel like everything is your fault (probably why he’s so hard to let go of, because he trains us to believe that we could have done something different/better to help the relationship)

    They’re all great and very true!

    • You’re so Right about that. By keeping parasite on board its a kind of self validation for some women. A confirmation we are nit at fault. A Hallelujah we are worthy epidemic. We are so hard on ourselves. If only we could see we are perfect exactly as we are. (even with our imperfections.) “Love is loving an imperfect person perfectly.” I am a teacher and this is one of the most profound things I have ever heard and from a 13yr old Year 9 boy! These nuggets if gold never cease to amaze me 🙂 I am loving your blog by the way

  4. Pingback: Chapter 1- The Many Shades of Mr Wrong- Mr Loose Eye, Mr Dreamer and Mr Parasite/Vampire | Mr Wrong

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