Lovely Blog Award :)

ImageThank you Jilataroo for awarding me with my very first “Lovely Blog Award!” Your comment, “These are brilliant. I just realised I hadn’t followed your blog to email. I’m on top of it now! The last sketch pretty much defines my ex husband and the first but my current Mr Wrong isn’t up there yet.” means a lot to me. Thank you for your support for my new book Mr Wrong.

Please check out Jiltaroo’s blog at

Jiltaroo s fantastically amazing.. She is  a writer, artist and above all survivor. I admire her strength, creativity and wisdom especially having survived abusive relationships in her past. Check out A Letter of Reason at a touching account of how her father tried to stop her moving in with her violent boyfriend Peter at 19 years old and how she learned the hard way- through experience. A warning to all parents who suspect their child is involved in an abusive relationship.

She also as a lovely son called Felix who writes too!

My lovely blog nominees are….

7 thoughts on “Lovely Blog Award :)

  1. Congratulations to you, and thank you so much for nominating me:) I look forward to checking out the other blogs you’ve nominated!

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