Melvin: Chronicles of a Player- A MUST SEE!

Melvin: Chronicles of a Player feature film  is finally here! This thoroughly entertaining film, directed by the talented Award Winning Director Lawrence Coke, is the centrepiece of BUFF (British Urban Film Festival) 2012 and premieres on 12th October at Congress House  23-28 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS.

Melvin: Chronicles of a Player  features our very own Mr Loose Eye, Melvin!


Melvin Cartright is your typical self-confessed womaniser, self-assured, cocky and arrogant, who truly believes he’s God’s gift to women.  When Melvin isn’t chasing every female in sight, he’s pursuing a music career with his twin brother Martin under the watchful eye of his manager Olumuyiwa Dave Akimunde.  So, when a documentary crew seeking to make a fly on the wall documentary about womanising women approach the twins manager about featuring Melvin in it, he agrees thinking it will be great publicity for his label and his various other artists. Little does he realise that the only thing they will be documenting is Melvin’s life disintegrating before their eyes, and just when they think it can’t get any worse, it does in the form of the W.A,M., Women Against Melvin! Will Melvin learn the error of his ways and win the woman of his dreams, or will his various conquests in the form of the W.A.M. make him pay the ultimate price?

This is a laugh out loud stylistic black and white mockumentary told with exquisitely entertaining writing style and shot with impeccably precise detail with have you talking about Melvin and Mr Loose Eyes long after the film is over.


Has anyone encountered a guy like Melvin Cartwright?
Please do share your story! Best stories will make the book!

All names will be changed. Alternatively you can email me at

Watch trailer here at:

BUFF Blog- a frank blog written by Lawrence Coke himself

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