Mr Wrong gets a review!

Thank you for a lovely review of my blog Mr Wrong. It was read and received with much gratitude and happiness. x


I initially came across twistnpout’s/mariefriddle’s blog after reading her beautiful post “The Conditions of Unconditional Love.”- A MUST READ!


Lovely Blog Award

The second award  came from Daniella at dingdongitsmrwrong. While I’m in a very healthy, supportive, loving relationship with my husband, I realize this is certainly NOT the case for millions of other women (and men). Daniella is on a crusade to raise awareness on choosing the right partner and recognizing the warning signs of a bad (poisonous) one. She does this with humor and wisdom and not with sweeping, hateful rants about the male population.

I love how she wants to hear both sides of the stories from men AND women and also stresses the importance of showing Mr. Right the appreciation he deserves. KUDOS to Daniella, she certainly deserves the Lovely Blog Award!



5 thoughts on “Mr Wrong gets a review!

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  2. Instead of wondering why women are attracting Mr Wrongs…
    Why are women not going after Mr Rights? LOL!

    Most women I came across have this issue:
    I don’t know who I really want.

    So they pick one from those who came and isolated themselves hoping for a single-relationship, and by the time they were dumped or break up and trying to pick another…

    “OMG! I am so old already!”

  3. They are not going for Mr Rights because they are attracting Mr Wrong! Perhaps they may feel they are not good enough and attract someone who believes the same or perhaps they bypass Mr Right because again they feel they are not good enough. Sometimes Mr Wrong hooks a woman in through endless dramas and issues that keeps a woman lingering and wanting to ‘fix him.’ I totally agree step away from Mr Wrong, learn the lessons they have to teach us and expect and receive more for ourselves. The issues arise from within. Check out my post Chapter 2 Start With You.

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