Celebrating Good Men! A Big Thank You to Contributors So Far!

Hi fellow bloggers/readers,

My book is halfway to completion and in the next eight weeks will be ready to submit my non-fiction proposal to agents.

However, I still need your assistance. Firstly though, I’d like to thank those of you who have sent in your stories/experiences with “Mr Wrong” or experiences highlighting journeys in not so positive relationships. Some have made me literally laugh out loud. For example I received a story about a man who emailed his date (after the first date) asking her to pay her share of the bill after she refused to kiss him and other stories about men who vanish quicker than a magicians handkerchief after promising “his lady” the world in all its finery. On the other side of the coin I have received stories that have moved me to tears and seriously made me question humanity and the human mind. It’s been deep and I thank you all.

What has resonated so deeply with me is the strength of character and wisdom these women have gained and shared through their experiences. Women- we really are made of strong stuff! Our only (tongue in cheek) flaw- we do not often realise just how precious we are. We often do not believe that we deserve better. But it’s never too late and by sharing our stories with each other we could inspire, unite and empower each other.

I do still need assistance with writing this book and while I am still looking for stories/experiences with “Mr Wrong,” I would love and I mean love to receive some inspirational relationship stories. Stories that celebrate and appreciate men who are pulling their weight in a relationship. There are men out there who are providing and nurturing supportive, happy, secure and loving relationships. I want to hear stories about men who are not afraid of commitment and follow through on their promises and make every effort to maintain supportive and loving relationships based on trust, honesty, respect and of course compromise.

I know these men exist and whilst Mr Wrong focusses on the lessons we can learn from unhealthy relationships with a man who is not right for us, the book is all about equality and celebrating the positive and inspiring women to believe that happiness, joy, supportive and fulfilling relationships do truly exist and that with hard work, mutual respect, love, support, honesty, trust, understanding, kindness and determination love will prevail.

Share you secrets, share your stories, share the Love!

10 thoughts on “Celebrating Good Men! A Big Thank You to Contributors So Far!

  1. I can never say enough what a blessing my husband is. From day one we had a positive, adoring relationship with each other. He’s been with me through a cancer scare and me changing my career by starting my own business. We are both so proud of each other and are happily middle-aged and growing old together. He’s my rock and I can’t imagine life without him. A true testimony of our love was several weeks ago, I went on a business trip. For the first time in six years I was about to spend a night without him. We were both teary eyed in the airport. A young girl noticed us and told me, “I travel often and I rarely see a love like you two have.”

    To me, I think the problem with most people is they don’t know how to have a mature relationship. People stay in unhealthy relationships because they are afraid of being alone. Me, I’ve been alone most of my adult life until I met my husband. The difference between me and other women, is I was aware of red flags in other relationships and got out. I’ve been called all sorts of ugly names: fickle, a slut, a heart breaker “no one is good enough for you” — but the truth is, I KNEW what I wanted and wasn’t going to settle for less!

    What I say to women, is if you are alone, it doesn’t mean you are “ALONE.” It means you are AVAILABLE to meet the right person!

    There are a lot of GREAT guys out there — the secret is finding the one who is great for YOU! Just because someone is a great catch on paper, he may still not be the right one. It’s not black and white — men are not either good or bad, it’s just a matter of finding the right fit!

    I have to be honest, I really don’t like the term “Mr. Wrong” (or even “Miss Wrong”) — because you can take a person who doesn’t clique with anyone, whether it’s a man OR A WOMAN and put them with the right person and you’ll get a love that’s a masterpiece!

    • Thank you for sharing. Your story is truly beautiful. I have been single for nearly a year now. I get so many people asking me why and it’s simply because I haven’t met the right person yet or should I say the right person hasn’t found me. Or perhaps I have and it hasn’t been the right time. I don’t want to settle for a man who makes me feel unhappy or unloved or unwanted. Why would anyone? Nor do I want to settle for scraps of someone. You have hit the nail on the head. It is about loving yourself first and honouring what you truly deserve before loving another. Understanding compassion, forgiveness and compromise as well as having clear boundaries; being clear about our own wants and needs. I have been in relationships and felt so much more lonely than being “alone.”

      I choose the title Mr Wrong as it is somewhat controversial as I stated in my first post. it certainly gets people talking. Is there such a thing as “wrong” or “right” or is everyone and everything one big learning experience attracted to us by ourselves? Is there such a thing as Mr Right or Mrs Right or is Mr/s Right-For-You more apt? Mr Wrong was initially used as a tongue in cheek term for men who fail to follow through with they’re promises/words or men who have revolving eyes whilst telling you how great you are.

      After reading some of the stories I have received from women and through experiences of my own I definitely think there are some men that really cannot offer a healthy relationship. These men are definitely wronguns to me. Ones that batter and abuse their partner verbally, emotionally and physically. These men need counselling/professional help before they can even begin to have a relationship with another. Having a relationship (next to God- in my opinion) with yourself is the most important relationship one can have before offering to another and perhaps it is the lack or separation with our true selves that stop us from doing so. Both men and women. I think the term Mr Unavailable is more apt. Of course there are women who are unavailable too. The book although entitled Mr Wrong, does not berate men and pass of women as flawless. Far from it. of course we must look at ourselves and see what it is about us that attracts negative relationships.

      I also agree that when two people meet the right person at the right time, stage, age, place in their life then everything will just fall into place. The lessons that have been learnt in the past can help to create a masterpiece with Mr/s Right-For-You!

      Thank you so much for your insight and beautiful contribution Seakist. πŸ™‚

  2. What a lovely post. It’s exciting that you are getting to that stage!!! You must keep us updated with your progress. I am writing about a beautiful man at the moment but it is in more than a few posts. It may be a bit hard to use. The terrible twist is that I was Mrs Wrong in the end. It will take me a while to get to that part and I’m also finding it really difficult to write about!

    • Aww bless you. I love how much support you give me. Take your time my dear. I look forward to and am enjoying reading so far. All things happen for a reason. Everyone who comes into our life teaches us somethings about life and about ourselves. I agree with what seakist says above about not being such a thing as Mrs or Mr Wrong; once we meet the right person at the right stage of of our lives (sometimes the universe dictates not us!) things will fall into place and the relationship will be “right.” Look back with fondness but look forward with excitement, courage and faith x

      • That is so true and also how I look at it. I don’t have regrets…how could I? I wouldn’t have my 4 boys..they wouldn’t exist. It was all about timing in the end really. As far as supporting you, that’s easy. I love what you are writing about and am genuinely excited for you. I’m sure it will be a best seller. I have visions of you on the new equivalent of Oprah (whatever that is).

  3. Hahaha. Don’t think we have one. We have Jeremy Kyle. Here’s an example for laughs. It’s terrible!

    Sorry anyone who is saying this guy ain’t a wrongun is insane! Not letting guys like this come anywhere near my nearest and dearest. Not on my watch! πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you for all that you do to make us women realize that we are important! You have read my stories and you have supported me from far away, that is priceless! You are doing a great thing in writing our stories and sharing us with each other, it is more important than you realize! Keep doing what you do and one day, my friend, we will have men who realize our importance, and if not, we can appreciate that we are individuals and love ourselves for that….best wishes to you!

  5. I just found your post through Stacia and cannot wait to catch up on all your posts. I too have been with many “Mr. Wrongs” (that is why my blog’s name is “Dog With Fleas) so I cannot wait for your book to come out and read everyone else’s stories. Look forward to more.

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