Strong Woman

Strong Woman

Strong Woman
When you feel neglected
Cherish Your Self
Know that You are the Author of Your own journey
And Evolve Your Self

Strong Woman
When you feel rejected
Accept Your Self
Know rejection is a state of mind
And Evolve Your Self

Strong Woman
When you feel used
Appreciate Your Self
Know that nobody defines You
Know that You are loved more than you can ever know
And Evolve Your Self

Strong Woman
When you feel abused
Love Your Self
For nobody can Love You better
Trust Your Self
Heal Your Self

Strong Woman
When you feel ignored
Recognise Your Self
For You have always been here
Before, during and thereafter
Know Your Self

Strong Woman
You are made of strong stuff
Survived hardships and struggles and still came out tough
Always keep that little bit of Love
For Your Self

Strong Woman
You are always giving
But be wary Goddess, you are not living for others
For you have Your own plight
Keep within You a balance of strong mettle and an abundance of Love and Light

Being a Strong Woman does not mean being aggressive
It’s possessing the Knowledge and Power to know what you deserve
And the wisdom to know better
Be an Inspiration, a Pioneer, an admired Trendsetter

Take control of Your journey for it is Yours and Yours alone
Take heed of others’ dramas- they are just that
Do not allow others to define You, validate You, use You, abuse You
Think ever positively about Yourself
Honour Your journey for this Life will soon be over
Too late to start over

Acknowledge Now
Cherish. Accept. Appreciate. Love. Recognise
The Beauty of Who You Really Are
For You are truly wonderful
Heal and evolve because you sincerely are A Star

Daniella Blechner May 2012

15 thoughts on “Strong Woman

  1. I love how this poem evolves as it goes on – like the message ‘evolve your self’. Each verse resonates. The poem reminds the reader of feelings/emotions they’ve struggled with and overcome (or are overcoming). Beautiful. Thank you Danni xxx

  2. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments. I’m glad it touched you in some way. Alex- I love your analysis. Yes the poem does evolve as we do in growth and experience. I hadn’t realised this myself! Genius. You could see it as breaking out of our “structured” cacoons and becoming free from expectations (our owns as others) as we blossom into freeverse and freedom. Thanks for the insight.
    Seakist- I’m glad you got my idea behind Your and Self xx

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